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Lollipop Hearts

  • Fold 1 sheet of red heavy paper in half lenghtwise.  Use scissors to cut 2 half-heart shapes from folded edge.
  • Cut 1 very small slit across folded edge toward top of heart and 1 very small slit toward bottom.
  • Unfold heart and write a message or name across the middle.  Slide a lollipop through the slits.

Kids Can Help Too:

Once the hearts are cut out, kids can write classmates' names or a sweet message.  They can also pick a lollipop flavor for each classmate.

Cupids Arrow Chocolates

  • Glue red frilled toothpicks onto backs of foil-wrapped chocolate hearts to form arrows.


Break off the pointed ends of toothpicks before gluing.

Candy Mail

  • Start with an 8x8 inch square piece of red or pink heavy paper.
  • Fold 3 of the corners toward the center, overlapping slightly.  Tape the corners together.
  • Turn envelope over to decorate the front.
  • To seal the envelope, fold the last corner toward the center and seal with a sticker.

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